Hey howz it goin?

2011-06-05 08:06:14 by mariosonic123

EVERYBODY I HAVE A ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!! iam gonna get minecraft and when i do iam gonna make a lets play and a lets build and i might also do mod revie

My lets plays name is gonna be A's adventures in minecraft.

whew finnaly done.

2011-02-02 05:03:58 by mariosonic123

if there can be a fire sonic (i call him inferno sonic) why can't there be a water sonic (aqua sonic).
this pic was edited by me and found on the internet. i don't know who did it as their name wasn't on the pic but that drawing is as good as Chakra-X's. awesome work done there mystery dude.

so this is how sonic becomes aqua sonic: with the aqua flower (duh).
when sonic goes aqua it's a colour and power inverted version of fire sonic.

he has the same moves as fire sonic but his moves are water type instead of fire type.

EDIT:I found out who did it. It is done by speed dude on deviantart. Good work speed dude.

whew finnaly done.

here are all the cards that you can find on sonic rivals.oh and this was a lot of photos of the cards I collected all put together.

to everybody at newgrounds.

chaos emaralds

2010-12-23 21:35:06 by mariosonic123

Here you go.

chaos emaralds

Just perfect!

2010-10-24 04:41:32 by mariosonic123

If you found this page then wow! Because you've just hit the sprite jackpot.
If you need these sprites then ask me.Iam also going to put in some other sprites when I finish making them.

Just perfect!

Hey guys!

2010-10-24 03:00:47 by mariosonic123

Hey there everybody. Mariosonic123 here and I just want to tell you that Iam going to make this flash movie called 'Super Sonic Smash Bros Brawl' and Iam going to be making a series. So please be patient and also don't put in any bad comments saying 'This animation sucks.' or anything like that. This is my first flash.