whew finnaly done.

2011-02-02 05:03:58 by mariosonic123

if there can be a fire sonic (i call him inferno sonic) why can't there be a water sonic (aqua sonic).
this pic was edited by me and found on the internet. i don't know who did it as their name wasn't on the pic but that drawing is as good as Chakra-X's. awesome work done there mystery dude.

so this is how sonic becomes aqua sonic: with the aqua flower (duh).
when sonic goes aqua it's a colour and power inverted version of fire sonic.

he has the same moves as fire sonic but his moves are water type instead of fire type.

EDIT:I found out who did it. It is done by speed dude on deviantart. Good work speed dude.

whew finnaly done.


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